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Natale Rampazzo

Natale Rampazzo.jpg

Natale has its roots in a fir tree, planted at the foot of Vesuvius, where it endures tropical temperatures, before founding an association of migratory trees, together with a lone pine tree, when touring Europe.

Soon its branches separate and its leaves, sucked into a vortex exceeding Vorwerk's, settle in the Residenzgarten, and regenerate in a more climatically suitable (and eco-, and bio-, and -ohne) habitat.

Here he discovers that less is the assumption of more (he has never been strong in math) and that past moments are neither present nor future (not even with history, to tell the truth). In the attempt of reversing or at least canalising the flow of time, he embraces the principles of brevity and conciseness and founds, with Concetta, MonaCorti, of which he is president.

Concetta D'Arcangelo

Concetta arrived in Munich in 1994 and has been working as a translator, interpreter, and teacher. Her background and diversified professional experience have allowed her to deal with topics such as culture, migration and diversity and fight against prejudices and

discrimination. She collaborates with local associations through articles or further cultural contributions. She is a founding member and vice

president of MonaCorti. She spends his free time in open air recreational activities, preferably along the riverbanks or the many lakes of Bavaria. Besides the passion for cinema, she loves theatre and drawing.

Concetta D'Arcangelo
Matilde Tortora.jpg

Matilde Tortora

Film historian and critic, she is the author of several cinema books and she is also known outside Italy for her studies and works. She has been a member of the Cinémathèque Française, of the Italian Research Association for the History of Cinema and of several International Festival Juries.

She is the author of three short films. in 2011 she conceived and realized the short film    "Il Sole con alchèrmes", which was included among the events of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. In 2000 she was awarded the Culture Prize of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. She is the artistic director of the Monacorti Film Festival.

Mariadele di Fabbio

Born and raised in the Italian region of Puglia, Adele develops a deep interest towards other cultures. This leads her to spend a part of her University years in Norway, thanks to the Erasmus programme. This unique experience – and the exceptional people she encounters there – foster the development of a keen appreciation for Northern European countries.

Years later, Adele moves to the UK to pursue an MA in Public Policy. Inspired by this degree, she returns to her beloved Italy, where she completes a PhD in Economic Sociology. However, she is not ready to settle and her next destinations are Hamburg first and Munich then in 2019.

By now, Adele has developed her professional identity in Marketing for German industries. She is an avid reader of travel blogs: being an expat remains sweet and sour, as she dwells in the well beknown Heimweh.

For MonaCorti she is in charge of comms, webpage and social media presence.

Mariadele Di Fabbio

Giorgia Capozzi

Giorgia Capozzi.jpg

Born in 1988 in the shadow of Mamma Etna, Giorgia made Munich her headquarters after graduating in classical philology. She had been studying for ten years piano and had started to satisfy her "peri longu" (Wanderlust in Catania dialect) by moving to the magnificent city of Krakow as Italian teacher.
Copywriter/social media strategist and an elected member of the Munich Com.It.Es., she is above all passionate about theatre, opera, musicals, and small cinemas with a great history.
She soon realised that the only thread binding together all her hobbies is the "word".

This is why she loves everything that's wordy, including nursery rhymes, humorous tales, poems, and storytelling. Her curiosity about short films is her open window to strong emotions without too much ado.


At MonaCorti she is in charge of communication and social strategies.

Mauro Comin

Mauro spent most of his life in Munich where he first landed in 1986.

As a professional figure, he is a software engineer who deals with control systems for telescopes, but his passion remains the comics in which he is interested in both the graphic technique and the script. Among his hobbies, however, there is also a place for sports, drawing and reading fantasy or historical novels.

His role in the association is to contribute to the creation and maintenance of the website.

Mauro Comin
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