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It was a rainy evening in October 2018 when Concetta D'Arcangelo and Natale Rampazzo attended an event dedicated to the international cinematography, after which they decided to share their great passion for short films with a larger audience.

In this moment the story of MonaCorti officially began. The project soon gathered an increasing number of supporters and collaborators. The Com.It.Es  (the Committee for Italians Abroad), the Italian Cultural Institute of Munich, the Kulturladen - Westend, the Kulturreferat of the city of Munich and the cultural center EineWelthaus become sponsors of the several events that have taken place so far.

Indeed, it is since 2018 that MonaCorti has been organizing public screenings of short films, both Italian and international, dealing with topics such as multiculturalism, racism, gender stereotypes, migration, multilingualism and much more.

The events, all with free admission, aim at enhancing the debate on different issues and from different perspectives with a focus on the interaction with the audience.

The success over the years, together with the encouraging support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) have promoted the first Italian short film festival in Munich; it is a competition for authors of Italy-related short films and will take place in September in Munich.


In the meantime, new members have joined MonaCorti staff: they are all very excited and committed to spread the value of the short film and the love for Italy.

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